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USA Fencing Age & Classification Eligibility

As a fencer, the question of whether or not you can compete in a specific tournament can come up often. The guide below is a summary of the content in the USA Fencing Operations Manual (section 3.1) and the Athlete Handbook. As always the Operations Manual and USA Fencing is the final authority on these matters and anything said here is for the convenience of our division members.

In order to compete in a sanctioned event:

  • Must be a USA Fencing member in good standing, have a current season FIE license, or proof of membership in a foreign fencing federation.
  • Must meet the age and gender requirement for the event (if applicable)
    • An Open event has no age requirement
    • Mixed event has no gender requirement
  • Must meet the level requirement for the event (if applicable)
    • A Division 1 event is for fencers rated A, B or C
    • A Division 1A event is for fencers of any rating
    • A Division 2 event is for fencers rated C, D, E or U
    • A Divison 3 event is for fencers rated D, E or U

Unfortunately, even if you meet all the above requirements, you may be ineligible to take part in a competition if you are a foreign fencer and the event is a qualifying competition.